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Electronic Devices

Division of Electronic Devices is focused on Education and Research on cutting-edge low-power, high-speed RF, Analog, and Multi-GHz Digital integrated circuits for systems on-chip. Our general goal is to exploit the maximum capability and possibilities of today and future advanced semiconductor technologies.
We are particularly interested in flexible and multi-standard RF receiver front-ends, high-efficiency transmitters and power amplifier architectures, multi-Gb/s data converters, VLSI chip timing and synchronization techniques, low-power multi-GHz clocking, low-voltage low-leakage and process-variation-tolerant circuit techniques, and high-speed on-chip and chip-to-chip signaling.

The division has over 25 years of research experience in high-speed, low power CMOS circuit techniques. We have close collaboration with major semiconductor companies world-wide. In addition to lots of publications and patents, a number of our research works and concepts have been utilized in advanced commercial products such as microprocessors, internet routers, CMOS cameras, data converters, and more. The division has produced 4 full Professors, and about 30 Ph.Ds who are currently with European and U.S. companies, such as Ericsson, Infineon, Intel, Lucent, Broadcom, NXP.

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